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How to Watch Dutch TV in the UK

Unlocking foreign TV entertainment can sometimes feel like a puzzle, fraught with complications. Whether you're a Dutch expat yearning for a taste of home or simply intrigued by Dutch programming, you're bound to encounter obstacles on your journey.

But fear not, it doesn’t have to be complicated! This guide will walk you through the steps to enjoy your favourite Dutch shows, movies and sports right from the comfort of your UK home.

Why the Netherlands is awesome

For those who have left the Netherlands, a longing for one's homeland can be deeply felt. Dutch culture is a vibrant blend of history, art, gastronomy and a strong community spirit. From picturesque landscapes to age-old architectural marvels, the Netherlands is a repository of beauty and heritage. Dutch TV plays a pivotal role in preserving this.

From iconic channels like NPO and RTL, to specialized sports broadcasts on Ziggo Sport, Dutch TV offers a diverse range of content. Whether it's the thrill of sports events, informative updates for seniors, or animated series for the younger generation – there’s something for everyone.

Challenges of Watching Dutch TV in the UK

If you're looking to enjoy Dutch TV while in the UK, the conventional route often involves using a VPN application. However, VPN apps come with their own set of limitations.

They can be complicated to navigate and as they primarily operate on mobile devices or tablets, establishing an additional connection to your television is necessary. This added complexity can lead to low-quality viewing experience.

Fortunately, there exists a much simpler solution to overcome this dilemma. By employing a Netherlands VPN router, you can effortlessly tune into Dutch TV without any hassle. With TadaVPN, you'll gain access to a dedicated router and VPN subscription, both bundled in our Home Streaming VPN package.

How does it work?

1. Choose Your Personalized Router

Opt for TadaVPN's Home Streaming VPN plan and select the Netherlands as your preferred VPN location. This choice will trigger a comprehensive setup process that paves the way for your streaming endeavours. The package includes a customised VPN router and a VPN subscription. These are all the essentials you need to kickstart your streaming journey.

2. Delivery

Anticipate a delivery timeframe of 3-5 business days for shipments within the UK. Your order will arrive complete with step-by-step guidelines, a power cable and an Ethernet cable.

3. Easy Configuration

Setting up your TadaVPN router is a breeze. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your TadaVPN router and the other end to your home router. Once connected, you can seamlessly link any device within your household to the VPN router through Wi-Fi or a wired connection, ensuring secure and flexible browsing.

4. Connect Your Streaming Device

Connecting your streaming device with your VPN router is a straightforward process. Once done, you're ready to go!

5. Our Support Network

While the setup process is user-friendly, you might still require some assistance. Rest assured, we've established a friendly support team based in the UK, available seven days a week to address any issues you encounter.

Don't Miss Out on Dutch TV with TadaVPN

Embrace the world of Dutch TV in the UK by following the steps outlined in this guide. Armed with a VPN router and a streaming device, you can unlock a diverse array of Dutch content, allowing you to stay connected with the culture and entertainment you cherish. So, relax and enjoy Dutch culture whenever you desire.

And if you're not located in the UK, don’t worry! With TadaVPN, you can indulge in Dutch TV from anywhere across the globe. In fact, our service lets you explore TV content from a variety of countries – from Canada and the USA, all the way to the Czech Republic and Romania. Unlock Dutch TV today!


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