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About TadaVPN

Ultra-fast web browsing and content streaming
that’s secure, private and safe


Making the digital world secure for everyone 

At TadaVPN, we believe that going online should be private and secure. Thanks to our virtual private network (VPN), we have make this ambition a reality for thousands of people and businesses across the globe.

VPNs protect your internet traffic and browsing activity, hide your digital location, and maintain privacy when online. However, not all VPNs are created equally.


Free options can expose you to privacy hazards and dubious advertising practices. And many of the paid products work only on one device and are complicated to use. At TadaVPN, we make VPNs affordable, fast and easy to use. Take a look at how it works...

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Woman Using VPN on TV at Home

Over a decade of VPN excellence & counting

Our VPN has been operational for over 10 years, providing steadfast services of the highest quality. And as an Accredited TP-Link Reseller, our products are second to none.

We pride ourselves on providing people with encrypted servers, no logs, unlimited usage, access to websites that other VPNs can't access (geo-blocked), and an untapped world of streaming, whichever country you live in. 

Sounds technical, but it's much simpler than you think. Simply pick the VPN plan for you, plug in your VPN router and you're all set. We understand that people are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to technology, which is why our customer support team is so important to us. Our UK-based support team (not robots!) is available 7 day a week. 

All that and more with a VPN router

If you’re looking for the best VPN experience, a router is undoubtedly the way to go. Rather than being limited to a single device, you can use multiple computers, consoles, mobiles or streaming sticks without any hassle. Simply link to your home router with an ethernet cable, then connect as many devices as you like to your TP Link VPN router.


You’ll enjoy an extra layer of privacy, with even internet service providers unable to track your network usage. That’s paired with our commitment to maintaining a low user base on all our servers, giving you reliable high speeds with no risk of detection, limitations or slow speeds.

TadaVPN Router On Desk

Get to know TadaVPN even better!

Get the perfect VPN plan for you!

Whether you’re looking for a small business VPN router or just a way to improve privacy and safety in the comfort of your own home, TadaVPN gives you everything you need and more.


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