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Browsing the web can open you up to all sorts of risks, unless you have a Privacy & Security Virtual Private Network.


Go online with complete confidence that your web browsing history, personal information and payment data is absolutely safe. Defend yourself against hackers and thieves. Stop your internet service provider from logging your user data and selling your browsing history to advertisers. Defend yourself online with TadaVPN.


  • Privacy & Security VPN Features:


With our Privacy & Security VPN, surfing the web has never been safer. Instead of a surfboard, you have a battleship with cutting-edge defences. 


Need privacy and security when you go online? A VPN router is the perfect solution. It works by encrypting your entire online presence – including the devices you’re using to connect to the internet. Whether it’s your desktop PC, laptop, mobile, games console, streaming device or something else entirely, everything will be encrypted so it can’t be deciphered and used in any way.


Here’s a look at what you can expect with our Privacy & Security VPN:


  • Choose Your Location


Your internet traffic will be rerouted through our VPN servers, which are located across the world. That means you can access the internet from practically any location. Wherever you’re based, your VPN will give you an anonymous IP address for your choice of country. That can be changed at any time, based on your requirements or preferences.


You can choose from Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Sweden. If you'd like to change your location at a later date, you can. If you can’t see the country you need, simply let us know.


  • Connect Any & Every Device


As we use a router, you can connect every device in your house to the VPN. You’re not limited to just one device, like with a traditional VPN service provider. Normally, VPN services mean that you don't get this flexibility. Instead of connecting just one laptop, you can connect your phones, smart TVs, tablets, and more! Complete security and privacy across the board.


  • Security for Remote Workers


Do you work from home? You can achieve the same level of business-grade security that you would at the office. Our VPN service ensures that your connection is private and encrypted in any location, even when using public networks. So, there are no worries about valuable information being attained or costly hacks taking place.


  • Stop Hackers


Heightened security is also beneficial for private use. Because VPNs encrypt all network traffic and your online identity, it’s much harder for a third party to get past them and steal your data. From browsing activity to payment information, everything is off-limits.


  • Secure Your Data


Did you know that third parties like apps, social media sites, and your internet service provider (ISPs) can use and sell your data without your knowledge? That includes:


- Your IP address and location

- Your activity on websites, such as clicks and browsing time

- Information about your browser and devices

- Your browsing activity across the web

- No Logs


While most internet service providers will keep a log of everything you do online, TadaVPN don’t log any information or traffic whatsoever. That means there’s no chance of any data being stored, used or sold for profit. It also gives you complete peace of mind with 100% privacy.


If you can’t see the feature you’re looking for or you have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you. Call +44(0)8443755664 or email now and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Privacy & Security VPN

  • With TadaVPN, setting up and using a VPN is incredibly easy. It’s not just for tech enthusiasts. It’s for everyone.


    All Inclusive Packages


    The Privacy & Security VPN package includes everything you need. You get the TadaVPN router and VPN subscription, which you can pay monthly or yearly at a discounted rate. This gives you a wide range of security and privacy features.


    If you also want to stream content (for example, watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK) then the Home Streaming VPN package would be a better fit. There are also packages for Businesses and Gamers.


    Plug in & Go


    Setting everything up is super simple. You’ll receive a pre-configured TadaVPN router with a power cable and an ethernet cable. You simply connect one end of the ethernet cable to the back of the VPN router and one to the back of your home router. You can then connect any device in your household to the VPN router via Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection. It’s that easy!


    Instructions are included too, so you can see exactly what to do.


    7 Days a Week Support Team


    Still not sure how the setup process works? Don’t worry. Our team is here to help you 7 days a week. And yes – our support team are real people.

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