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Are you serious about online gaming? You need a the best VPN for gaming that packs a punch.


With our Gaming VPN router, you can benefit from faster internet speeds than traditional on-device VPN suppliers. But that’s not all. You can unlock powerful privacy and online security features, block DDoS attacks, access geo-blocked games and stop internet service providers from throttling your network. Gaming is more fun with TadaVPN.


Tired of slow servers, network blockages, location restrictions and DDoS attacks? Finding the vest VPN for gaming is how you can overcome these gaming enemies and play with freedom.


Discover a whole host of benefits from our Gaming VPN package:


  • Gaming VPN Features:


Unlock the best gaming experience with a VPN router. Encrypting all your data and traffic means you can avoid networks throttling your connection speed, connect from any region and make sure everything is completely secure.


Put simply, it’s gaming done right. Here’s a taster of what’s on offer with our Gaming VPN package:


  • Select A Location


Gaming is a truly global pursuit. But a fixed location can cause issues with ping and access. With our best Gaming VPN, all traffic is rerouted through VPN servers in your choice of country. You’ll automatically get an anonymous IP address for that country, so you’ll be accessing the internet from that location.


Countries include Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Sweden. Most importantly, you can change the location with ease whenever required. Can’t see the country you’re looking for? Simply get in touch with our team.


  • Reduced Ping


Whether you’re playing MMORPGs, eSports or FPS games, chances are you play with gamers across the world. But playing across regions can lead to higher ping – the latency between your computer or console and those you’re playing with or against.


The solution? Use a Gaming VPN with a choice of location, so your traffic is sent through a server that’s closer to those you’re playing with or against. You’ll enjoy lag-free games to maximise your performance and enjoyment and minimise any frustration! As long as you have an internet connection you will see an improvement.


  • Fast Gaming Speeds


It’s not just latency across regions that can frustrate gamers. Traditional routers and even VPN services can slow down your internet speeds. By putting you on one VPN server, internet and VPN providers deliver subpar speeds to their customers. In turn, that can also see you blocked from certain content as it’s much easier to detect these high levels of traffic.

Not with TadaVPN. We maintain a low user base for all our servers, ensuring that you get the fastest possible speeds for your gaming needs. What’s more, there’s no chance of being blocked by any gaming platforms or services.


  • Access Global Content


Changing your location isn’t just beneficial in terms of minimal ping. It also means you can access games from across the world. That could be an early release or even a game that’s exclusive to certain countries. Even better, your Gaming VPN could save you money, allowing you to take advantage of cheaper purchase or subscription prices in different parts of the world.


  • Connect Multiple Devices


While conventional VPNs work for a single device, our powerful Gaming VPN router allows you to connect multiple gaming consoles, gaming PCs and mobile devices. That gives you the flexibility and speed of a Gaming VPN, whichever device you’re using. It also enables LAN parties, where everyone enjoys the advantages of VPN.


  • Avoid DDoS Attacks


Distributed denial of services (DDoS) is a big problem for gamers. In short, DDoS attacks overload servers, causing them to slow down drastically or crash altogether. It can cost you a victory, lose your progress, or just lock you out of games when you want to play them.


Not with a Gaming VPN. By encrypting your connection end to end and masking your IP address, it’s much harder for third parties to hack into the connection. That also makes it much safer when making online gaming purchases, as your payment details are protected.


If you’d like any more information about our gaming VPN or just want to find out whether it’s the best option for you, simply contact our team on +44(0)8443755664. Alternatively, you can email and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

Gaming VPN

  • With TadaVPN, you don’t have to be a technology expert to enjoy the advantages of a virtual private network. Thanks to our simple setup and expert support, you can spend your valuable time gaming rather than pulling your hair out!


    • Everything Included


    When you opt for our Gaming VPN package, you get everything you need to connect your game console and other devices to a virtual private network. That starts with the all-important VPN subscription, paid for monthly or annually at a discounted price. But we also include your VPN router, so you don’t need to make multiple orders or wait around for anything.


    • Support Every Day


    Having everything from one provider also makes your life simple if you come across any issues. There’s no ambiguity or finger-pointing, just a single team of VPN experts who are on hand 7 days a week to help you with any challenges. Whether it’s a setup issue or a hiccup further down the line, simply contact our team and we’ll get it sorted.


    • Plug in & Go


    Setting up your Gaming VPN couldn’t be simpler. You’ll get a power cord to plug in your router and an ethernet cable to connect it to your home router. From there, you’ll be able to connect multiple gaming devices to the VPN router using a wired connection or Wi-Fi. Instructions are included too, in case you need any more detail.

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