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Steadfast network security is crucial for businesses – now more than ever. 


Does your workforce use the internet? Do they access cloud environments, share sensitive files and retrieve corporate data? If yes, your organisation is vulnerable. Your data can be tracked, sold or even stolen. Protect your organisation with the Business VPN. Delivering privacy and security, our on-site VPN router is ideal for small businesses who need a secure VPN connection.


With our Business VPN, you can protect your cloud environments and internal assets, mitigate risk and protect your company against cyber threats. Let's take a look at what our Business VPN can offer: 


Business VPN Features


Defend your organisation against external threats with the Business remote access VPN. By encrypting your internet data and traffic, you can ensure your company's online activities are private and secure against external attacks. 


Get ready for an abundance of remote access advantages with this package. And you can unlock everything in just a few clicks. Here's what you can expect: 


  • Choose Your Location


Our global servers will be used to reroute your business's internet traffic. You will be able to use the internet from almost any location with remote access. No matter where you are, your VPN will provide you with an anonymous IP address for your chosen country. Depending on your needs and preferences, this can be adjusted at any time. 


You are able to choose from Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden - and more! This is the perfect choice if you are a company with remote workers in different parts of Europe, or even further afield. A business VPN offers you the flexibility to choose the location that best suits you.


It is easy to change location or find one not listed, as we have many VPN server locations to suit you. Just get in touch learn more about the dedicated ip addresses we offer with our business VPNs.


  • Connect Any & Every Device 


Every device in your office can be connected to the VPN, because we use a router. And unlike conventional VPN service providers, you aren't limited to a single device. You can connect several laptops, phones and tablets to our dedicated VPN server giving you total privacy and security at all times.


Many businesses choose to use site to site VPNs as a way of streamlining their business operations. You can create a company network to protect your data and work seamlessly across simultaneous connections. Your business's internal network should be simple, secure, and flexible. That's why our business VPNs make it easy for you to get connected.


  • Security for Remote Workers 


Do any of your employees work from home? They will receive the same level of protection that they would get at the office, if you provide them with a Business VPN.


Even when using public networks, business VPNs makes sure that your connection is secure and confidential, making it the perfect choice for remote workers, especially if they're working with sensitive data or important company resources.


This means that there will be no concerns about sensitive information being obtained or expensive cyberattacks happening. Give your remote employees a smooth experience with simultaneous connections on a dedicated server.


  • Stop Hackers 


Private use also benefits from increased online security. It is far more difficult for a third party to steal data because your online identity and internet traffic are encrypted by a business VPN with remote access.


As a small business, it is vital to protect sensitive data or important company resources. This is especially true if you have remote employees who may be accessing these resources in different locations. Simultaneous connections can also pose a security threat - but not with our business VPNs. Nothing is accessible to others, whether it's your browser history or your payment information. Securely connect to our VPN server to stop hackers in their tracks.


  • Secure Your Data 


Did you know that your data can be used and sold without your knowledge? Third parties such as apps, social media sites and your internet service provider (ISPs) have access to: 


  • Your IP address and location

  • Details regarding browsers and devices

  • Internet browsing time

  • Online activity, including clicks and websites 


Not with us. Although the majority of internet service providers and VPN providers record everything you do online, our business VPNs don't record any data or traffic at all. We don't use a vpn client, so there's no possibility of any data being saved, exploited or sold for profit.

Additionally, it guarantees complete security and privacy for your company. A site to site VPN means that you will have access to multiple server locations all from the same centralised place.


If you can't see the feature you're looking for or you have any questions at all about our remote access VPNs, contact us on +44(0)8443755664 or email and we'll get back to you shortly.

Business VPN

  • Getting Started


    TadaVPN makes it a breeze to use VPNs, no matter your tech background. Every small business can enjoy all the benefits of enhanced security and privacy!


    • All-Inclusive Packages


    With the Business VPN package, you're fully equipped with everything you need. It includes the TadaVPN Router, as well as the VPN subscription which you can pay monthly or yearly for a discounted cost. This gives you a comprehensive suite of security and privacy features for peace of mind.


    • Plug in & Go


    Setting up your TadaVPN Router is fuss-free! It comes with a power cord and ethernet cable. All you have to do is plug one end of the ethernet into the back of the VPN router, and one into the back of your home router. Then, it's simple – just link any device in your workplace using Wi-Fi or a wired connection for maximum security and privacy. Don't worry if you get stuck – instructions are included too!


    • 7 Days-a-Week Support Team


    You don’t have to figure it all out alone. Here at TadaVPN, our team of real people offer friendly support 7 days a week. Don't hesitate to reach out should any questions arise.

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