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VPN Router for Canada

A Canada VPN router keeps your browsing and streaming secure and private.


Connect in Minutes

You'll be set up in minutes – just plug in and go!

Multi-Device Protection

A single VPN router connects all your devices securely.

Total Encryption

Want 100% privacy? It's yours with our global servers' encrypted, secure connection.

Experienced Support

English-speaking support from experts – here every day, including weekends.

How do I get a VPN for Canada?

You can get a VPN for Canada in a few simple steps. Just sign up, plug in the VPN router from us and pick a country for your VPN location. If you're in Canada, you can choose a different country – or if you're somewhere else, you can choose Canada. Simple!

Want to use the internet securely and privately? Perhaps you want to watch Canadian TV in the UK? Then what you need is a VPN router. With a completely encrypted connection from your VPN for Canada, nobody at all can sell your information or track what you do online.

Working at home
Soccer on TV

VPN vs VPN router for Canada

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are a popular choice for cybersecurity because they provide safety and privacy for internet users.

However, most VPNs can't offer total privacy because they don’t prevent your internet provider from slowing your connection speed and tracking what you do. Also, VPNs are typically used on only one device, with additional costs to add more devices.

A VPN router from TadaVPN doesn't have these issues. Because it acts between you and your internet provider, it doesn't let your internet company see or interfere with anything you do online. And a VPN router can be used with all your devices at no extra cost – protecting your computer, smartphone, console and streaming stick all at once.

Who is a great fit
for a VPN router?

For internet users everywhere, a VPN router offers the best in flexibility and security.

Let's say you're in Canada and looking to enjoy content from a different country. A VPN is ideal because it gives you access to region-locked content from around the world. Or perhaps you're outside Canada and wanting to keep up with Canadian content – a VPN also lets you do that.

For the same reason, a VPN is great for holiday homes anywhere because it lets travellers use the subscription services they’re used to.

Most importantly, no matter what country’s content you're enjoying, a VPN router keeps you and your information secure while you're connected.

Digital Nomad

Select the TadaVPN plan that’s perfect for you

We have a TadaVPN package to fit your needs and get you connected in a flash, no matter what your goals are for your VPN for Canada.

Security & Privacy VPN (1).png

Protect your home with security and privacy for every device, just by plugging in.

Home Streaming - TadaVPN (2).png

Open the door to the TV shows and sports you love by pairing a Roku streaming device with your VPN router.

Business VPN - TadaVPN (1).png

Keep your business and your workforce secure with complete VPN protection.

Gaming VPN - Tada (2).png

There's no ping or lag with our fast VPN router connection – and VPN security means no DDOS attacks either.

Speedy servers in Canada
and internationally

Our network of secure servers in Canada and many other

countries worldwide is yours to choose from.

TadaVPN World Map Locations

Your VPN location is up to you – you can set it to Canada, the USA, or a choice of European countries such as the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Italy and Sweden. And if you don't see the country you're looking for, just give us a shout and we'll get it for you.


Join now for your Canada VPN router

A VPN router for Canada provides maximum privacy and security online.
It's so easy with TadaVPN's simple plug-in-and-go kit.


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