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VPN Router for Switzerland

Guarantee privacy and security while you stream and
browse with a Switzerland VPN Router


Swift Set-up

With our easy set-up bundle, you'll be plugged in and started in minutes.

Use Multiple Devices

Connect securely to your VPN router from all your devices.

Private & Encrypted

Get total privacy with an encrypted, secure connection through our global servers.

First-Rate Support

Your VPN for Switzerland includes the best English-speaking support, every day of the week.

How do I get a VPN for Switzerland?

Connecting your VPN for Switzerland is as easy as signing up, plugging in your VPN router and choosing the Switzerland server from our global server list. Or if you're already in Switzerland, you can pick one of our servers in many other countries.

What makes a VPN router essential? Its encrypted connection keeps your internet activity totally private and secure. Your VPN for Switzerland means that no-one, not even your internet provider, can see what you do online or sell your personal data.

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Why use a VPN router over a VPN for Switzerland?

Internet users who value cybersecurity have often relied on virtual private networks, or VPNs. But most VPNs have a few limitations. One issue is that they don't keep your internet activity or personal information private from your internet provider, and they let your provider limit your speed. Another is that they’re normally used on one specific device – and if you can use them on other devices at all, it costs more.

A VPN router doesn't have these drawbacks. Because it operates between your internet provider and you, it prevents everyone, even your internet provider, from accessing your personal activity or your online data. It's also designed to be used with as many devices as you like – your laptop, phone, game console and streaming stick – with no additional cost.

Is a VPN router
right for me?

A TadaVPN router bundle is a great fit for many internet users with a range of needs – both in Switzerland and around the world.

Perhaps you want to watch Swiss TV in the UK? Maybe you're in Switzerland and want to access content that's region-locked to other countries. A VPN lets you enjoy the content you love no matter where you are.

In the same way, a VPN is also perfect if you're outside Switzerland and looking to keep up with Swiss subscription services.

In your usual home, your holiday let or your rental property, VPNs make sure that nobody misses out on content because of their physical location. And best of all, the connection is always safe, secure and protected, wherever you're currently based.

Meeting Between Colleagues

Pick your TadaVPN package for Switzerland

Just choose the purpose-built TadaVPN package that fits you, and we'll send all you need to plug in and connect your VPN for Switzerland fast.

Security & Privacy VPN (1).png

Your VPN router ensures secure privacy for every device in your home. All you need to do is plug it in.

Home Streaming - TadaVPN.png

Watch films, TV shows and sports from around the world. Pair your streaming device with your VPN router.

Business VPN - TadaVPN (1).png

Enhanced security for your business is yours with the unwavering protection of a VPN router.

Gaming VPN - Tada (2).png

A secure VPN router protects you from DDOS attacks while gaming – and the ultrafast connection means no ping or lag.

Powerful servers in Switzerland
and elsewhere

You can select Switzerland or another country from our secure, worldwide server network.

TadaVPN World Map Locations

There are so many possibilities for your VPN location – Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Canada and the USA are just some of them. If the country you need isn't already on our list, just let us know and we'll make it available for you.


Purchase your Switzerland
VPN router now

Looking for unsurpassed privacy and security in Switzerland? Then you need a VPN router. You'll be plugged in and started in a flash with TadaVPN's simple set-up kit.


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