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VPN Router for UK

Get security and privacy for browsing and streaming with a UK VPN router


Just Plug In

Get connected in minutes with our plug-in-and-go bundle.

Connect Every Device

Securely connect all your devices with one VPN router.

Secure Encryption

Get complete privacy with our global servers' secure, encrypted connection.

Quality Support

Our VPN for the UK comes with English-speaking support – even on weekends.

How do I get a VPN for the UK?

With TadaVPN, it's simple. Just plug in the router we send you and pick a global server from our list. If you're outside the UK, choose the UK server to keep up with UK content. Or within the UK, you can select another country.

With your VPN for the UK, you'll get a private, encrypted connection that lets you use the internet securely. A TadaVPN router ensures that nobody can monitor your activity or sell your personal information.

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Benefits of a VPN router for the UK

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, have become a mainstay of cyber security because of the additional privacy they offer. But many VPNs can't provide total privacy. They still allow your internet provider to monitor your activity and reduce your connection speed. Also, VPNs usually work on a single device, or cost more to work on numerous devices.


But with TadaVPN, your online activity and personal data is 100% private because your VPN router is the secure link between your devices and your internet provider. And a VPN router works with multiple devices, not just one, at no extra cost. That means smart phones and laptops, streaming sticks and gaming consoles.

Who is a VPN router ideal for?

A VPN router offers optimal security and flexibility for a broad variety of customers in the UK or elsewhere.

Wherever you're located, you can use a VPN to access region-locked subscription services you'd otherwise miss. That's the same whether you're in the UK and looking to enjoy content from another country or you want to keep up with UK content while you're overseas.

This is why our VPN router packages are ideal for holiday homes and rentals, as well as for your usual home base. Either way, you or your guests get more choices as well as the best in safety and privacy.

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Pick your VPN package for the UK

No matter what you need from your VPN for the UK, we have a tailored package for you – including everything to get you plugged in and connected fast.

Security & Privacy VPN (1).png

For security and privacy on all your home devices, simply plug in your VPN router.

Home Streaming - TadaVPN.png

Watch films, TV shows and sports from around the world. Pair your streaming device with your VPN router.

Business VPN - TadaVPN (1).png

Boost cybersecurity for your business and your workforce with the unshakable protection of a VPN.

Gaming VPN - Tada (2).png

The safety and security of a VPN router lets you play games without lag, ping, or the threat of DDOS attacks.

Secure servers in the UK and worldwide

Our global network includes secure servers in the UK and numerous other countries – just choose the location you want.

TadaVPN World Map Locations

You can use your VPN router to set your location to the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and many more European countries – Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Romania, among others. If you need another country that's not listed? Let us know and we'll set it up for you.


Get your UK VPN router now

A VPN router gives you the best privacy and cybersecurity in the UK and across the globe. It's easy with a TadaVPN bundle – just plug in and go.


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