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VPN Router for Ireland

A VPN router for Ireland that allows you to stream and browse securely.


Get Set Up Fast

With a simple plug-in kit, you will be able to browse safely within minutes.

Use With Every Device

You can connect all your important devices to a single VPN router.

Skilled Support

Ireland VPN with English-language support, at all times of the week. 

Experienced Support

English-speaking support from experts – here every day, including weekends.

How do I get a VPN for Ireland?

Getting a VPN for Ireland is simple. All you need to do is choose from our list of packages and then select your desired country. From here, we’ll send you a VPN router and all you have to do is plug it in and connect all of your devices.

Do you value your online security and privacy? Then a VPN is the ideal solution for you. By using a VPN for Ireland, your internet connection will be completely encrypted, making sure that nobody can compromise your information or monitor your online activities.

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Why choose a VPN router for Ireland?

VPNs have become a vital part of cybersecurity in recent years. Virtual private networks offer users unparalleled security and privacy as they access the internet. However, you’ll find that many traditional VPNs come with big limitations. They often function on just one device or have additional costs for use on multiple devices. They may also fail to prevent internet providers from restricting connection speeds, blocking access, or tracking online activities.

With a TadaVPN router for Ireland, you can say farewell to these concerns. Get comprehensive protection for all your devices, including laptops, smartphones, consoles and streaming sticks. Your VPN router will operate as an intermediary between your devices and your internet provider, making sure that nobody can observe or monitor your online activities, allowing you to use the internet in peace.

Who is a VPN router a good choice for?

A VPN is an important tool for anyone in Ireland or around the world who is looking for privacy, security and flexibility.

With a VPN, you can unlock region-locked content that may not be available in Ireland.


Whether you’re travelling abroad briefly, or for an extended period, a VPN enables you to access your regular subscription services as if you were at home. Similarly, if you’re in Ireland and want to access content from other countries, a VPN will allow you to do this.

This means that our VPN router packages are also a great choice for owners of holiday rental properties. By giving your guests a VPN, they can enjoy uninterrupted access to their favourite content from their home country, making their stay more comfortable. Perhaps you want to watch Irish TV in the UK?

Embrace the power of a VPN router for Ireland and enjoy the freedom to access global content while protecting your personal information and online identity.

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Choose your perfect TadaVPN package

Simply plug in and you’re VPN will be set up within minutes! Choose from a series of purpose-built bundles to find the one perfect for you.

Security & Privacy VPN (1).png

Ensure all your devices are secure and private by simply adding them to your VPN router.

Home Streaming - TadaVPN.png

Watch films, TV shows and sports from around the world. Pair your streaming device with your VPN router.

Business VPN - TadaVPN (1).png

Are you looking to improve the security of your business? Check out our VPN router for business package that will help to safeguard your entire workforce.

Gaming VPN - Tada (2).png

Keep your gaming experience frustration-free with protection from lag spikes, ping, and the threat of DDOS attacks – making this package perfect for gamers and streamers!

Ultra-fast servers in Ireland and many more countries

Ireland is one of the many countries we have on our secure servers across the world – all you have to do is plug in and select the country you want.

TadaVPN World Map Locations

From here, you’ll be able to enjoy an array of options for your VPN location. Choose countries in Europe like Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Italy, the UK, and the Czech Republic. Or you can choose to go trans-Atlantic with connections to Canada or the USA.


Join today for your Ireland VPN router

Experience first-rate protection online with a VPN router for Ireland. A TadaVPN bundle means it couldn't be easier – just plug in and you're ready to go! 


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