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VPN Router for Germany

A Germany VPN router provides security
and privacy while browsing and streaming.


Simple Setup

You’ll be connected securely in minutes with our quick set-up bundle.

Connect All Devices

Protect all your devices with a secure connection from one VPN router.

Encrypted & Secure

Our global servers offer a fully encrypted, secure connection, providing total privacy.

Ongoing Support

English-speaking, top-notch support for your Germany VPN – 7 days a week.

How do I get a VPN for Germany?

It's easy to get your VPN for Germany. After you've signed up, all you’ll do is plug in your router and choose a country from our global server list. If you're located in Germany, you can select a different country. Or if you're outside Germany, select the Germany server for region-locked German content. 

Either way, a VPN for Germany provides the private and secure internet connection you need. If you want to ensure that your personal data is safe and no-one can track what you do online, then you need a VPN router’s encrypted connection.

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Why choose a VPN router for Germany?

The importance of virtual private networks (VPNs) for cyber security has become well known. But while most VPNs do provide enhanced privacy, they still allow your internet provider to affect your connection speed or monitor what you do. What's more, VPNs typically work on only one of your devices or cost extra to work on multiple devices.

In contrast, a VPN router keeps your online activity and your information completely private. That's because it operates between your devices and your internet provider. A VPN router also gives its total protection to all your devices, not just one. Laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, streaming sticks, and of course your smartphone too.

Who can benefit
from a VPN router?

The security and flexibility offered by a VPN router are a must for many internet users both in Germany and in other countries. 

If you're in Germany and missing subscription services you've used in the UK, the USA, or elsewhere, then a VPN for Germany lets you access the content you enjoy. That makes a VPN perfect for holiday homes, whether you're staying in Germany yourself or renting a property to guests. 

By the same token, if it's German content you love, a VPN also lets you keep up with your German subscription services while you're outside Germany. Perhaps you want to watch German TV in the UK? Whatever your needs, there’s a VPN router package that's right for you.

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Choose the best Germany VPN plan for you

Select one of our purpose-built packages to fit your needs, and we'll send you everything to get your VPN for Germany plugged in and started..

Security & Privacy VPN (1).png

Need privacy and protection for all your home devices? Just plug in your VPN router.

Home Streaming - TadaVPN.png

Watch films, TV shows and sports from around the world. Pair your streaming device with your VPN router.

Business VPN - TadaVPN (1).png

To protect your business and your workforce, choose the ultimate security of a VPN router.

Gaming VPN - Tada (2).png

A VPN router gives you a fast, safe gaming experience, free from lag, ping, and DDOS attacks.

Reliable server in Germany and globally

Choose Germany or another server from our secure, worldwide network.

TadaVPN World Map Locations

With a VPN router, you can choose a server in the USA, Canada, or many European countries, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Romania and the Netherlands. And if you need to set your location to another country that's not on the list, just let us know and we'll get it done.


Sign up for your Germany VPN router

Are you looking for the top option for cybersecurity and privacy in Germany? Then a VPN router is for you. With one bundle from TadaVPN, you can plug in and get going in a flash.


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