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“Access Denied” – What’s Wrong With Now TV & VPNs?

Now TV is a fantastic streaming service that lets you get the shows, sports matches and movies you want to watch on demand. Like many streaming services, it requires nothing more than a device and an internet connection to get going.

But what happens when you want to watch content from a different country? This is an issue many people run into. A common solution is to use a VPN. Many people choose to subscribe to VPN services to get around region-locked content.

For a long time, this has worked well – but what happens when you get an error message that stops you from accessing Now TV on your VPN?

Why am I seeing an error message with the title “access denied?”

Many people who use Now TV with a VPN are running into an error message. The most common text is “access denied.” If you’ve found this error message appear yourself, then you’ll likely be frustrated and want to know what has gone wrong.

Recently, Now TV (among other streaming services) have began to block IP addresses to combat the use of VPNs to bypass their region-locked content. In short, this means that Now TV has worked out that users are using a VPN and have blocked them.

The truth is that streaming services such as Now TV are always searching for ways to stop viewers from watching region-locked content. This is because they have specific agreements with the creators of these shows, movies and sports events that the content will only be accessible to certain regions.

Because of this, they are always looking to stop VPN users, resulting in blocks and error messages like the one you have encountered – access denied.

You might be wondering how they are able to figure out what IP addresses are VPNs, and how they can so quickly ban them. This is because popular, client-based VPNs connect many users to the same server. For example, a usual VPN provider such as NordVPN will connect thousands of users to the same server. Now TV are able to see this and figure out that they are using a VPN.

What can I do to avoid the “access denied” error?

With typical VPN services out of the way, you’ll need an alternative that doesn’t connect thousands of users to the same server.

This is why TadaVPN is the solution for you! TadaVPN carefully controls its servers, ensuring that a server never gets so busy that it is noticeable. Connecting to one of TadaVPN’s servers means that Now TV won’t be able to tell that you are using a VPN to watch region-locked content.

More than this, TadaVPN uses a sophisticated VPN router to which all your devices can connect. While other VPNs are limited to a single device, you can connect everything to the same system at no extra charge. A VPN router also offers you an added layer of security, with tight encryptions that keep everyone else out – even your internet provider!

This means you won’t get any more pesky error messages! Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth and seamless streaming. If you want to sidestep error messages and watch content uninterrupted, TadaVPN’s home streaming VPN is the one for you! With many different server locations worldwide, you’ll be able to set up the perfect, simple VPN for you!


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