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How to Watch German TV in the UK

Trying to catch foreign TV can often feel like a struggle. Whether you’re a German expat yearning for a taste of home entertainment or want to watch some of the great shows from this country, you’ll find it difficult. Geo-restrictions mean that you are often limited to only what everyone else can get in the UK.

Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out! Personalised VPN routers are an easy way to overcome these hurdles. In the following post, we’re going to let you know how you can watch German TV in the UK.

What’s on German Netflix?

Streaming services have exposed the talent and unique allure of German TV worldwide. Some of the best-known German shows include “Dark” and “Barbarians.” Both of these are renowned for their intricate storytelling and mesmerising visuals. Beyond these shows, German Netflix includes an array of geo-locked shows including classics to contemporary hits. There are also German versions of classic American shows like Queer Eye Germany and Nailed It! German.

Challenges of Viewing German TV in the UK

Trying to watch German TV in the UK often means using VPN apps. But these apps can be tricky and not always work well. They might not be easy to use and can cause problems. They are mainly made for phones or tablets, so connecting them to a TV can be hard. This can make the picture quality bad, which isn't great for enjoying shows.

Thankfully, there's a better option. You can use a VPN router made for Germany. This is a simpler way...

How does a VPN Router work?

1. Choose your personalised router

First, choose TadaVPN's Home Streaming VPN package, designating Germany as your preferred VPN location. This choice opens the door to an inclusive setup to launch your streaming venture. The comprehensive package encompasses a VPN router and a VPN subscription – all you’ll need to initiate secure and convenient streaming.

2. Delivery

For deliveries within the UK, shipments usually take around 3-5 working days to arrive. Upon receiving your order, expect step-by-step instructions, a power cable, and an ethernet cable to be part of the package.

3. Establish Router Connection

Configuring your TadaVPN router couldn't be more straightforward. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into your TadaVPN router and the other into your home router. Once linked, any device within your household can effortlessly connect to the VPN router, either via Wi-Fi or a wired connection, ensuring seamless and secure browsing.

4. Link Your Streaming Device

Relishing your cherished German TV content is a breeze! Simply link your streaming device to your VPN router, immersing yourself in a realm of captivating German entertainment.

5. Support at Every Turn

Though the setup process is designed for simplicity, hiccups can still arise. Rest easy, as we've assembled a cordial UK-based support team available seven days a week to lend a hand whenever you need assistance.

Experience German TV with TadaVPN

Embark on a journey through the spectrum of German TV content right from the UK using the strategies expounded in this guide. Armed with a VPN router and streaming device, you'll unlock a rich array of German offerings, staying closely connected to the culture and entertainment you hold dear. So, lean back, relax and let yourself be transported virtually to Germany whenever the mood strikes.

For those beyond the UK's borders, fret not. TadaVPN lets you savour German TV content from anywhere on the globe. We support many locations including Spain, France, Norway and more. Finding something to suit your situation will be easy!


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