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How to Watch Irish TV in the UK

Navigating foreign TV options can often feel like a complex and frustrating process. Whether you're an Irish expatriate yearning for a touch of your homeland or simply captivated by Irish programming, you're likely to encounter challenges along the way.

Thankfully, the process doesn't have to be this difficult. This guide will walk you through the steps to access your favourite Irish shows, movies, and sports right from the comfort of your UK residence.

The Appeal of Irish TV

For those who have left Ireland for a new location, homesickness can be all too real. Irish culture is a rich tapestry of history, art, cuisine and a strong sense of community. From breathtaking landscapes to ancient architectural wonders, Ireland is a treasure trove of beauty and heritage. Irish TV also plays a significant role in this.

From classic channels like RTE and TG4, to dedicated sports channels like Eir Sport, Irish TV has a lot going for it. Whether it’s your cherished sports broadcasts, news and updates for the older generation, or cartoons for the young, the joys of entertainment in your native country are important.

Challenges of Watching Irish TV in the UK

If you're want to enjoy Irish TV while in the UK, the commonly chosen path involves using a VPN app. VPN apps, however, often come with their own set of drawbacks.

They are often non-intuitive to use, and since they usually operate on mobile devices or tablets, an additional connection to your TV is necessary. This added complexity often leads to subpar image quality and an overall less-than-ideal viewing experience.

Thankfully, there exists a much simpler solution to this predicament. By employing a VPN router designed for Ireland, you can effortlessly watch Irish TV without the hassle. By using TadaVPN, you'll gain access to a TadaVPN router and a Roku streaming device, both included in our Home Streaming VPN package.

How It Works

1. Select and Order Your Personalized Router

Opt for TadaVPN's Home Streaming VPN plan and designate Ireland as your preferred VPN location. This choice will trigger the provision of a comprehensive setup that jumpstarts your streaming escapades. The package comes with a dedicated VPN router, a VPN subscription and a Roku streaming device – all the essentials required to start your streaming journey.

2. Delivery

Anticipate a delivery window of 3-5 working days for shipments within the UK. Your order will arrive complete with step-by-step instructions, a power cable, and an ethernet cable.

3. Simple setup

The process of setting up your TadaVPN router is hassle-free. Simply connect one end of the ethernet cable to your TadaVPN router and the other to your home router. Once linked, you can seamlessly connect any device within your household to the VPN router via Wi-Fi or a wired connection, facilitating secure and flexible browsing.

4. Connect your Roku device

The Home Streaming plan comes with a Roku Streaming Device meticulously crafted to bring Irish TV content to your fingertips. Integrating this device with your VPN router is a straightforward process.

5. The support we offer

While the setup procedure is user-friendly, you might still require some assistance. Rest assured, we've established a friendly support team based in the UK, available seven days a week to address any issues you encounter.

Don’t miss out on Irish TV with TadaVPN

Embrace the world of Irish TV in the UK by following the steps elucidated in this guide. Armed with a VPN router and a streaming device, you can unlock a diverse spectrum of Irish content, enabling you to stay connected with the culture and entertainment you hold dear. So, kick back, relax, and experience Irish culture whenever the mood strikes.

And if you're not situated in the UK, worry not. With TadaVPN, you can enjoy Irish TV from anywhere across the globe. In fact, our service lets you explore TV from an array of countries – from Canada and the USA to France and Italy.


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