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"Something Went Wrong” – Problems With SKY & VPNs

Watching Sky while you’re abroad is a great way to unwind. You could be chilling out at the hotel, relaxing by the pool, or killing time while waiting for transport. No matter the reason, many people choose to use a VPN with Sky Go so they can enjoy their favourite content.

For years, standard VPNs have done the job well! But recently, some Sky users have encountered a frustrating error message. This can lead them to miss out on their favourite shows.

“Something went wrong” error message – why is this happening?

Many Sky users are encountering an error message that begins with “Something went wrong.” First off, this leads you to not be able to enjoy Sky streaming with your VPN, but you may also wonder just what is going on here. Why does this error message occur?

In short, there’s a big chance this is due to your VPN provider. While traditional VPNs are good at allowing you to watch region-locked content, with their sudden popularity streaming services are beginning to find ways to stop this from happening.

So how can a streaming service tell you’re using a VPN? This is because of the way these VPNs work. A VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN will connect thousands of people to the same server. This is how a streaming service is able to find out which are VPNs. From here, the service has an obligation to try and stop traffic from this server, so will ban its IP address.

While this may make you think that this is the end of you being able to use a VPN to watch Sky while abroad, you should know there is an easy fix.

How to get around the error message

Thankfully, there are some easy workarounds you can use. You’ll need to find a VPN provider that doesn’t overload users onto the same servers. This way, the streaming service will have no way of knowing that you are using a VPN.

Enter TadaVPN! By keeping server traffic low, there’s no way for streaming services like Sky to detect VPN users and send out the dreaded error message. TadaVPN has been designed with this issue in mind, meaning you’ll be able to watch your favourite shows without interruption.

More than this, TadaVPN has a list of other handy features that makes accessing Sky from abroad simple. With multiple servers dedicated to streaming, you can rest assured that connection speeds will always be lightning-fast. TadaVPN uses a VPN router rather than a client, meaning you can connect multiple devices to the same system.

Stream Sky without limits with TadaVPN

Frustrated with the “Something went wrong” error while trying to enjoy Sky abroad?

Say goodbye to this common annoyance with TadaVPN. Our unique approach ensures low server traffic, making it virtually impossible for streaming services to detect you're using a VPN. With TadaVPN, you can watch your favorite shows seamlessly, whether you're lounging by the pool in Italy or watching Sky Go in Spain.

Don't let geographical restrictions or error messages ruin your streaming experience. Switch to TadaVPN today and unlock a world of uninterrupted Sky content, no matter where you are in the world. Get started now and transform your streaming experience!


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