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“Sorry, Something Went Wrong” – Complications With Surfshark

Warning Sign Using Laptop

VPNs and streaming services are a great combination. Put the two together, and your favourite TV shows, sports, movies and more are available anytime, anywhere on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Even better, VPNs let you stream content from countries you’re not in. That’s fantastic when the TV show you love is currently airing in its own country, but you’d have to wait months to watch it at home.

However, there’s a catch. Streaming services don’t want you to use VPNs to get around geo-locked content. They’ve agreed with the content creators to show that content only in certain countries, so if they detect you’re using a VPN, they’ll shut your stream down.

That takes us to a common error that’s been popping up for users of Sky Go and popular VPNs like Surfshark.

“Sorry, something went wrong?” – what’s going on?

If your streaming experience has been interrupted by a Sky Go error message saying something’s gone wrong, you’re not alone. Recognise this?

Fault on Sky Go Screen - "Something Went Wrong"

The message isn’t very clear about the issue, either. It just says:

Sorry, something went wrong. Please check that you’re subscribed to this channel, that you’re not streaming on the maximum number of devices and try again. Error code: 50-02

What’s this all about?

It’s Sky Go’s way of telling you that they know you’re using a VPN, so they’ve blocked you from watching.

You might be wondering how Sky Go has spotted your use of a VPN. The answer is that many VPNs like Surfshark crowd hundreds or even thousands of users onto one server. Sky Go can tell that far too many people seem to be connecting from one point – you must be using a VPN.

What’s the fix for this error message?

It’s frustrating to be stuck on an error screen when you want to be enjoying your sports or TV.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop getting this error message. All you need to do is make sure that your VPN provider hasn’t connected too many people to one server.

How can you do that? Choose a VPN provider that makes sure its servers are never connected to too many people.

TadaVPN is unusual among VPN providers for several reasons. For one, it connects you via a VPN router rather than something on your device like an app. So it couldn’t be easier for multiple devices to connect to your VPN.

What’s more, it limits the number of people on each server so that Sky Go won’t figure out that you’re using a VPN. In other words, no more “something went wrong” error messages, and no more interruptions.

If that sounds good to you too, take a look at TadaVPN’s home streaming VPN plan. Our many global server location choices also mean that a wealth of geo-locked content is open to you. Why wait?


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