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“Sorry, Something Went Wrong” – Problems With ExpressVPN

Grumpy man trying to watch TV with remote control

Whether you’re lounging by the pool on holiday or just sitting at the airport before the flight back, it’s great to have the ability to securely watch the shows you love while you’re away from home.

That’s exactly why people use a VPN with Sky Go. You can stream movies, sports, news and more from devices like your smartphone or laptop. And a VPN lets you do it all even if you’re in a different country.

However, some Sky Go users are running into an error that puts the pause on their streaming enjoyment.

“Sorry, something went wrong” – what does that mean?

Sky Go users are seeing an error message that’s stopping them from enjoying their content. But the message isn’t so clear about what the problem is. It just says:

Sorry, something went wrong. Please check that you’re subscribed to this channel, that you’re not streaming on the maximum number of devices and try again. Error code: 50-02

Fault on Sky Go Screen - "Something Went Wrong"

What’s going on here?

If you’re seeing this message and you’re also an ExpressVPN customer, the issue may be your VPN provider.

VPNs are perfect for letting you watch region-locked content from home while you’re on holiday, or just for keeping your data safe from companies who want to sell it.

But when your VPN provider is connecting hundreds or even thousands of other people to the same server as you, Sky Go can detect that – and it starts ringing alarm bells.

That’s when Sky Go blocks you from its service and gives you the “sorry, something went wrong” message. It knows that since there wouldn’t ever be hundreds or even thousands of people in one home, you must be using a VPN. And it doesn’t want you to use a VPN to get around its restrictions on content based on location.

Don’t worry, though. There is an easy fix.

How can you make this error message go away?

Put simply, you need a VPN provider that doesn’t crowd so many people onto one server. That way, the packed server won’t reveal to Sky Go that you’re using a VPN, and Sky Go won’t block you.

TadaVPN isn’t like other VPNs. It keeps the number of users on each server very low. That’s why TadaVPN’s servers are unaffected by this “Sorry, something went wrong” error message, so you can continue streaming your Sky Go content with no frustrating interruptions.

A host of other TadaVPN features also help make your streaming seamless. We have servers especially dedicated to streaming to keep your content flowing at unsurpassed speeds. And since TadaVPN works via a VPN router rather than on an individual device, you can easily connect multiple devices and get total encryption on each.

Ready to enjoy your TV shows and sports without the hassle? Get a home streaming VPN from TadaVPN and see just how many VPN server locations we offer around the world.


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