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“Sorry, Something Went Wrong” – Troubles With Nord VPN

Watching SKY TV on Tablet

Sky Go is great because it means you don’t have to be near your TV to enjoy your favourite Sky content. If you’re on a train commuting home or enjoying a sunny day at the park, you can still watch the football game you’ve been looking forward to or that TV show you’ve been wanting to catch up on.

What if the content you want isn’t from the country you’re in? Well, that’s why some Sky Go users use a VPN. That way, they can enjoy region-locked content from another country, and they can also keep watching content from home while they’re abroad too.

So far, so good. But some Sky Go users who use VPNs like Nord VPN are seeing an error message pop up that’s putting all their streaming on hold.

Why am I seeing this error message saying “Sorry, something went wrong?”

Lots of Sky Go and Nord VPN users are running into an error message that looks like this:

Fault on Sky Go Screen - "Something Went Wrong"

Sorry, something went wrong. Please check that you’re subscribed to this channel, that you’re not streaming on the maximum number of devices and try again. Error code: 50-02

What does that mean?

It means Sky Go has figured out that these viewers are using a VPN – and has blocked them.

Entertainment providers like Sky Go don’t want to let their subscribers view content from other regions. That’s because they have agreements with the creators of the content that say the content must only be available to viewers in certain areas.

For this reason, services like Sky Go are always trying to detect who is using a VPN. The “sorry, something went wrong” error message means that your VPN has accidentally let Sky Go know that you’re a VPN user.

How did your VPN give the game away? Because it’s connected too many people to one server. Typical VPN providers like NordVPN can connect up to thousands of people to one server.

But Sky Go can tell how many people are connected. It immediately realises that so many people wouldn’t be in one home – they’re connecting from a VPN.

So what can you do?

How to get rid of the “Sorry, something went wrong” error message

The answer here is simple. You need a VPN provider that doesn’t pack so many people onto its servers.

Unlike most VPNs, TadaVPN controls its user count on its servers, making sure each server never gets too busy. That means Sky Go won’t be able to tell that you’re using a VPN.

The result? No more error messages, just smooth, uninterrupted streaming.

One reason TadaVPN is so different from other VPNs is that it works through a VPN router that works with all of your devices. In contrast, most VPNs are device-based and designed to be used with just one device – or else it costs more to use it with multiple devices.

A VPN router also works between your devices and your internet provider to provide the ultimate in cybersecurity. Everything you do is encrypted, so nobody – not even your internet provider – can sell your data.

Keen to leave the world of error messages behind and move on to seamless streaming? Try TadaVPN’s home streaming VPN, with lots of server location options worldwide.


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