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Squid VPN ( was a tool designed to foster safe and unrestricted internet usage across various devices. It created a secure connection between your device and online platforms, ensuring anonymous browsing from any chosen location. The devoted team behind Squid VPN aimed to deliver a service that was both fast and reliable. Whether it was about bypassing internet censorship or maintaining online privacy, Squid VPN was once a reliable ally for navigating the digital domain securely and freely.

Squid VPN is now part of TadaVPN is your gateway to a secured digital existence. Achieving private and secure access to the internet and worldwide content has never been more straightforward. With TadaVPN, securing your online space is as easy as counting 1-2-3.

Our VPN packages come with everything you require. Thanks to our pre-configured VPN routers, all it takes is a plug and play to get started. The setup is a breeze and lasts only a few minutes, with our reliable support team available anytime you need assistance. So why wait? Your VPN journey with TadaVPN is just a click away!

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You can browse VPN packages or find out how TadaVPN works. TadaVPN covers a wide range of locations worldwide, including Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland  UK and USA. For VPN insights, news and resources, take a look at the TadaVPN blog. Thanks for visiting.

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Whether you’re looking for a VPN router for gaming or want to improve privacy and safety in the comfort of your own home, TadaVPN gives you everything you need and more.


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