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How to Watch Sky Go in Sweden

Transform your Swedish living space into a hub of British TV with TadaVPN. Our pre-configured VPN router is your key to Sky Go.


It's All Go With TadaVPN!

Expats in Sweden

Longing for the comfort of UK television? In Sweden, you’re never too far from the dramas, comedies, and sports you love. TadaVPN brings your cherished Sky TV programs straight to your doorstep.

Holiday Homes

Whether you’re soaking in the tranquil Swedish countryside or the urban elegance of Stockholm, you won’t have to skip a beat of the Sky Sports excitement. It’s like taking a piece of home with you on your holiday.

Swedish Rentals

Enhance your rental property's appeal to British nationals by offering them a touch of their homeland. With TadaVPN, your tenants can indulge in British television, making their stay in Sweden even more inviting.

Get Started with Sky Go in Sweden

To watch Sky Sports and more channels in Sweden, typically a VPN app is the go-to choice.

However, the use of VPN apps can be a tad complex, often necessitating a separate link between your mobile device and your TV, which might degrade the picture quality.

Here's a breezier alternative! With TadaVPN, you can experience Sky Go in Sweden just as smoothly as in the UK.


Continue reading to see how our pre-configured VPN router works...

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Simple TadaVPN Setup

Couple Browsing Internet.jpg

1. Order Your
TadaVPN Router

Choose our Home Streaming VPN plan and select UK as your location. We’ll send you a TadaVPN router, provide a robust VPN service, and a Roku streaming stick to complete your setup.

2. Connect Your
TadaVPN Router

Expect your package in a snap, complete with easy-to-follow instructions, a power adapter, and an ethernet cable.


Connect the ethernet cable from your TadaVPN router to your existing home router, then link your devices to the new network, wired or wirelessly.

Using Roku Device With VPN.jpg

3. Hook Up Your Roku Streaming Device

Your streaming stick comes ready to use with the Home Streaming plan. Plug it into your TadaVPN router, sign into your Sky Go, and dive into your shows!


Besides Sky Go, you’ll get access to a library of British content, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and Channel 4’s All 4 - all available in Sweden.

4. Friendly Support When You need It

Our setup is designed to be smooth sailing, but if you need us, our support team is just a call away, any day of the week.

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You Get So Much More Than Just Sky Go

With TadaVPN, you’re signing up for an extensive range of Sky TV channels.


Discover more sports, movies, and series, plus extra UK content with your Roku stick - it's a full package of entertainment.

How to Get Started with Sky Go in Sweden?

Just follow these simple steps:

✔️ Jump over to our Home Streaming VPN page.
✔️ Pick a VPN plan - go monthly or grab a discount with an annual option.
✔️ Choose your Roku device - select between the Roku Express 4K box or the sleek Roku 4K stick that comes with a handy voice remote.
✔️ Don’t forget to set your VPN location to the UK for the best experience.

Once you've got these sorted, we’ll quickly ship your TadaVPN router and Roku device, along with all the essentials, directly to you. Fast shipping means you won’t be waiting long.

Woman Using VPN on TV at Home

Access Sky Go in Sweden Today

Begin now, and in about a week, you could be enjoying Sky Go in Sweden on your TV. With our 14-day money-back guarantee, you're fully covered.


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