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Watch Sky Go in Switzerland

Enjoy British TV in Switzerland with TadaVPN! Get Sky Sports & more on our bespoke router for a tailored viewing experience. Dive into UK shows seamlessly!


Stream Sky Go in Switzerland!

Expats in Switzerland

Craving the comfort of your favourite UK soaps or the thrill of British football? TadaVPN brings the essence of British telly into your Swiss abode, so you can feel closer to home.

Swiss Holiday Homes

Relaxing in a mountain lodge or enjoying the lakeside views? You can still catch the latest Sky Sports events and stay connected to British entertainment, all from the comfort of your Swiss getaway.

Rental Properties

Make your rental property stand out to British expatriates and travellers. TadaVPN is the perfect amenity to offer them the coziness of UK programming right in Switzerland.

Straightforward Sky Go Access in Switzerland

For those in Switzerland who wish to tune into Sky Sports and a variety of other channels, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been the usual route.

Navigating through VPN apps, however, can often be a tricky affair, and the setup usually involves linking your smartphone or tablet to your television independently, which can compromise the streaming quality.

Fortunately, there's an alternative solution that's more straightforward! With TadaVPN, you can effortlessly enjoy Sky Go in Switzerland with the same ease as in the UK. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of this method…

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Your TadaVPN Setup Made Easy

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1. Order Your
TadaVPN Router

Pick our Home Streaming VPN plan and set the UK as your location. We’ll send you the full package: a TadaVPN router and a dependable VPN subscription.

2. Connect Your
TadaVPN Router

Your package will arrive quickly, equipped with clear instructions, a power adapter, and an ethernet cable. Just plug the ethernet cable from the TadaVPN router into your current router. Then, connect your gadgets to the new network, choose Wi-Fi or a cable.

Using Roku Device With VPN.jpg

3. Plug In Your Streaming Device

Connect your streaming device to your TadaVPN router, sign in to Sky Go, and your favourite shows are ready to watch!


You'll also gain access to other UK favourites like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and Channel 4’s All 4 in Switzerland.

4. Always Available Support

We've made the setup a breeze, but should you need us, our friendly support team is on call every day of the week. 

We're here to help!

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A Full Suite of Entertainment

Experience the vast entertainment possibilities with TadaVPN, your all-in-one streaming companion in Switzerland. Unlock a universe of premium channels like Sky Sports, now available through Sky Go.


TadaVPN goes beyond to bring you an expansive selection of Sky's offerings such as Sky Show, Sky Family, and Sky Cinema, as well as the exclusive series on Sky Atlantic.

Get Started with Sky Go in Switzerland

Are you ready to begin?

✔️ Visit our Home Streaming VPN page.
✔️ Choose the VPN plan that works for you - monthly or annual for extra savings.
✔️ Remember to set your VPN location to UK.

After these simple steps, we’ll send your TadaVPN router, with all the needed gear straight to you. Our shipping is quick, so you’ll be all set in no time.

Woman Using VPN on TV at Home

No More Waiting!

Begin your journey today, and soon you'll be enjoying Sky Go in Switzerland on your TV. Plus, with our 14-day money-back guarantee, you have complete peace of mind.


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