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How to Play Games from Other Countries

The world of gaming is vast! For decades now, gamers have played games from other countries. Sometimes there are pesky region-locks that stop players from enjoying the best that the gaming world has to offer. In the world of modern, online gaming, there are many games that gamers from certain parts of the world can’t access.

So let’s say there’s a brand new Korean MMORPG that you want to play – but you live in Europe or the United States. Is there any way for you to be able to play this? To bypass region-locks and find a way forward? There are a few solutions.

How can I access a region-locked game?

If you’re trying to access a region-locked game, you should know that there are a few workarounds that gamers use. The first most common course of action is to get a VPN.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a way of creating a digital link between your computer and a server owned by a provider. You can think of a VPN as a remote location that your PC will connect to before connecting to the game of your choice.

Say, for example, you want to play that Korean MMO, but can’t be due to the geo-restrictions. With a VPN, you will be able to connect to a server that will allow you to access this game.

For the longest time, traditional VPNs have been the best choice for gamers. These are tied to your device (for example, your gaming PC), and usually require a monthly subscription to use. While this solution has worked for many gamers over the years, some games are beginning to recognise VPNs and block them. More than this, the connection you get with these VPNs can be slow and cause lag.

This may lead you to wonder if there is a better solution?

Using a VPN router to access a region-locked games

TadaVPN is a VPN router that is the perfect fit for gamers looking to play region-locked games. With our specialised Gaming VPN, you will be able to get the most out of your gaming experience. By using a VPN router, you’ll get a fixed connection that re-routes traffic through your choice of country. You’ll be given an anonymous IP address for that country and be able to access the internet from that locations.

We have a long list of locations for you to choose from, including Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The best thing is you can simply swap your location on the fly.

Using a VPN router made specifically for gaming, you will be able to access region-locked games with reduced ping and added security. Whether you’re playing an FPS game or a collaborate MMORPG, you will experience reduced lag that will help you and your teammates.

Other VPNs put all users on the same servers, delivering less than good speeds to their customers. With a dedicated VPN router, you will not only have lightning-fast connection, but also top-notch encryption to keep you safe.

Elevate your gaming adventure with TadaVPN

Unlock the world of gaming with TadaVPN's preconfigured VPN router, perfect for avid gamers. Experience seamless gameplay in region-locked games, with the added benefit of lower ping and enhanced security. Our VPN router ensures a stable, high-speed connection, avoiding the common pitfalls of shared servers.

For a VPN router that lets you play games in other countries, TadaVPN is here to help! If you want the best gaming experience possible, don't forget to read our other resources:


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