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How to Reduce My Ping in Online Games

Over the last 20 years, the online gaming revolution has transformed the way people interact with video games. The games we play online today are the type of thing people could only have dreamed of in the early 90s. Now there are Battle Royale games and detailed first-person shooters, MMORPGs and strategy games that are enjoyed as a serious sport with huge followings.

One thing is for certain, gaming is only getting more popular! But as more people get into the joys of gaming, the more they learn about some of the common annoyances that gamers face. One of these is high ping – something all gamers dread.

What is ping in online gaming?

Ping is a common phrase among online gamers. In many games, there will be an option to track your current ping. It is sometimes listed in the top corner of the screen. Many gamers know the effect of high ping, but not exactly what it means. So, you may be wondering – what exactly is ping?

Ping is short for “packet internet.” It is a simple program that allows a user to test whether or not a specific destination IP address exists and can accept requests.

There’s a lot to learn about ping, but in its most basic form it is a term used to describe how fast a data signal travels from one place to another. In gaming, how quickly your device is able to connect to the game’s server.

Why do I get high ping?

If you have high ping in a game, then you will know all about how frustrating it can be. It means that the connection between your device and the server is slow, causing lag spikes and a sub-par gaming experience. This can be especially frustrating in competitive games, where even half a second can be the difference between victory or defeat.

There are many reasons why you might have high ping in a game. Some of the common causes include a poor wi-fi connection, some background process that is draining your resources, or too many devices connected to the same, tired old router.

How can I keep ping low?

If you want to fix your ping forever, a great solution is to use a VPN that has been designed specifically for gaming. TadaVPN’s Gaming VPN is the perfect way to combat high ping. With a dedicated gaming router, you will get faster internet speeds compared to traditional on-device VPNs. With extensive security features you’ll be able to block DDoS attacks and stop internet providers from throttling your network.

What’s more, TadaVPN is designed to be easy to set up and use. Simply select a location from our extensive list of servers, and you’ll be given an anonymous IP address for the country you have chosen. This is especially useful if you want to play a region-locked game without having to deal with unplayable levels of ping.

You will also be able to connect multiple devices. A gaming VPN router means that you can connect multiple gaming PCs, mobile devices, and consoles to the same network. It’s also a great choice for LAN parties, where each gamer present can enjoy the same lightning-fast connection.

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Struggling with high ping? Switch to TadaVPN’s Gaming VPN for smoother, faster online gameplay. Enjoy enhanced speed, security against DDoS attacks, and access to region-locked games. Suitable for all devices, our VPN is your ticket to uninterrupted gaming joy.

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